Our Favourite Worship image
Of Dirt and Grace by HILLSONG UNITED — I love to open up all the windows, get on my knees, feel the ocean breeze, and worship the Lord with these precious souls. When you need the Lord's grace heaped on you, click on this link, and feel the Holy Spirit's gentle sway embrace you!

Unbroken Praise by Matt Redman — There was season in my daughters' lives when we were facing undeniable hardship and we decided we needed to exchange panic for PRAISE. We would blast this album in our car, unabashedly lift our voices, shouting out God's truths and promises before we could see the manifestation of His Glory. There is something miraculous that happens when we choose to praise instead of panic! I will tell you all of heaven came to battle on our behalf one truly miraculous day and the Lord gave us beyond restoration in ways we may never be able to truly explain. And on the days when I cannot seem to push through challenges, I get on my knees, often around 3 am, silently in my room, and worship to the "Majesty of the Most High!" I pray that you feel the Holy Spirit's heavenly glow as you choose praise—no matter the battle or the story. He is the great Rescuer!

FREE by Mandisa— F— R— E— E,  "I'm gonna dance, and shout, and scream, I am free!" This is one of my daughter's favourite songs of all time. On the hardest of hard days, we blast Mandisa in the kitchen and dance and scream until the walls shake and the neighbours come out to look. That's right, we are FREE. Who the Son sets Free is Free indeed! If you ever get the chance to Mandisa live, take it, she is a precious soul if ever there was one!

Who You SAY I Am by Hillsong United — Proclaim over yourself who God says you are. You are CHOSEN not forsaken. He is FOR you not against you! WHO THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED! Amen.

You Say by Lauren Daigle—You are more than enough. You are who I say I am. I am loved. You say I am strong. You say I am held. You say I am yours. I believe. Jesus is for You! Never against you. Hear who He says you are and stop listening to the enemy.

Well Done by Moriah Peters—Utterly joyful..."I'm gonna chase you Lord...I'm gonna run this race to hear you say Well Done!" Jesus says Well Done, Precious Soul, Well Done! He thinks you are amazing!

Love Secrets-Made for Jesus by John Mark Pantana featuring Olivia Dyer—Jesus' love letter to you. A precious sister-in-Christ offered this worship to me during a season in which I was really struggling. I pray it is salve to your soul, just like it is for mine.

Love Note by Upperroom—There are no words to describe how this worship fills up my heart. This is
the Lord's LOVE note to you. God is above you, beneath you, before you, and behind you, in the morning, in the noontime, in the evening! Let HIs love fill you up!

ABBA by John Mark Pantana—Rest your head on your Abba daddy's chest. He loves you so and has rest for you. True rest. You can reset at any moment in His love. (Love you, Mer, thanks for introducing me to this incredible heart of worship). We are singing and dancing in the Father's love, aren't we? Join us, will you?

Hold Me by Jamie Grace featuring Toby Mac — We love Jamie Grace and the joy she brings! when my daughters were about 12 or 13 and they were going through so much in their young lives, wondering about their purpose, and place and this world, I can still see the way their smiles would brighten in the rearview mirror when this song would come on the radio. I promise He is holding you! In all of it. Jesus Loves you so much!

Hu Or (He is Light) by SHILO BEN HOD — Exceptional Messianic worship in Hebrew with English subtitles. When feeling completely overwhelmed, click on this link and allow the Lord's heavenly presence to embrace you and fill you with His light and love.

Dai Li (Enough for Me) by SHILO BEN HOD — Messianic worship for those days when you are feeling you can never be enough. You don't have to be enough. He is more than enough—FOR YOU—always!

Bevetcha (At Your Home) by SHILO BEN HOD — Messianic worship for those days when you feel like you just don't fit. Remember you are always at home with Jesus/Yeshua—you always fit—He is your home, your family, your righteousness, your acceptance. So, lift your hands and celebrate what He is doing in your life before you even see it! Celebrate His goodness and GRACE. Joy will come!

Gadol Elohai (How Great is our God!) by Joshua Aaron — Messianic/ Hebrew/English worship in Jerusalem. How Great is our God, truly! The is nothing that compares toHis astounding LOVE for you!

Ha Bracha (The Blessing) by Joshua Aaron — beautiful Hebrew version of the blessing. Bow your head and allow the Lord to anoint you with His holy oil as many times as you need it, each day of the week, each hour if need be. This blessing is His promise to you. Receive it! It yours to keep. Forever!

The Blessing U.K. — The moment I saw my home church come together in this beautiful rendition of the blessing with so many other believers across the U.K., my heart just burst with the hope and knowledge that we are not alone, we are all connected through our heavenly Father. Because He has adopted us in, we have brothers and sisters across the globe, even on the days when we might feel so very far away from the home of our heart—wherever that might be for you—you are not alone, we are with you, but more importantly, HE IS WITH YOU! And HE IS FOR YOU! Amen.

The Blessing in American Sign Language (Interpretation—Ezelis Sanderson) — this is the most beautiful rendition of this song I have ever seen in a visual representation. Many of you may not know this but the Lord quite unexpectedly blessed me with a son that accesses the world through visual means and overnight we began to see the Lord in a new light. ASL became an integral a part of our world. I hope you will open you eyes to the vast unexpected possibilities God has for you in you life.

La Benediction Francais (The French Blessing) Kids— if you are a young person, know your voice matters. YOU MATTER! Lift your praise up to the Lord. He HEARS you! I promise. I love this version as French was a language of my heart as a child. I get lost in the beauty of their precious voices choosing sing out God's promises over their lives and your life. The Lord is with you always. He loves you. He sees you. He wants you. He cherishes you. He draws near to you. He CHOOSES you! Amen.

Pastor Joseph Prince in Free Flow Worship—Astounding peace through this free flow worship. Cast your cares on the Lord for He loves you! Lay all of you burdens down at His feet. He has breakthrough and healing for you!

Because You Love Me by New Creation Worship—this precious worship in Mandarin touches my heart and brings me to tears. Their exceptionally tender approach is sure to be salve to your soul as the Lord's presence enters wherever you are. You are so loved.

Cover the Sea by Joshua Aaron—"Put your hand in mine together...we will walk in harmony...live in SHALOM with all people...for his love is an open door!"

Take Another Step by Steven Curtis Chapman—When you have absolutely no idea what to do, just take another step! God is with you. He promises you. He's got your hand in His. Always. Every Day! Every Hour! Every Minute! This is our marching on song.