The "WHY" of Choosing Life image
Every day babies are born. And every day babies are not born. Minute by minute, new life is celebrated. Minute by minute, new life is dreaded. Second by second, hearts are deciding to choose life. Second by second, hearts are choosing to end life. Tired topics you say? Hardly!  SEX. PREGNANCY. ABORTION. LIFE. Stand alone and undeniably interconnected, these are timeless topics.

Have you watched the news recently? I dare you to turn it on. And what will you find? Sex sells. Period. Pregnancy praised or condemned, providing profit or predicament depending on the circumstances. Abortion unapologetically heralded as the compassionate choice to successfully curtail the needless suffering of yet another unwanted child in an overpopulated world to an underprivileged, underage would be mother. And life? What of life? Life is a debate ever ready to emerge. Simply, the contents of pregnancy? A Foetus? Or actual unborn child? Valued or valueless?

Pro-choice, aka pro-abortion, emulated as the compassionate side. Pro-life, aka anti-abortion, expressed as a cruel, archaic, compassionless form of punishment forcing an unwanted burden on an unsuspecting woman. Sound like anything you’ve heard recently or for the last two decades perhaps? Politics will most likely never be aside in these matters and yet, no amount of partisan name calling is going to settle the matter. Why? Because quite simply, no, scratch that, quite complexly, abortion is a matter of the heart.

A heart topic that requires us to transform our belief that it is all political conversation. Or purely medical procedures. And delve into the truth of its complexity, that abortion is indeed spiritual and emotional. We have to take ourselves to a place of understanding what empty arms really feel like. Actually, fathom, and literally empathise with the haunting emptiness and nearly irreparable, silent, scar-less wounds left on an unsuspecting heart when a once growing life within her prematurely ends. Resulting from a choice of perhaps pressure; projected perfectionism; secrecy; shame; hurt; or the ever-embracing arms of the secular world and their utterly convincing arguments that an unborn life was never really a life at all.

We have to personally discover the undeniable truth that our worth is found in Christ not in ourselves. And His incomprehensible, all-consuming, overwhelming, never-ending love for us and His passionate, personal pursuit to save our lives is exactly the reason we can come to the awareness that all life is valuable. Especially those awaiting the opportunity to experience life outside the womb.
And even-still, abortion is not a solo topic exclusive to the underprivileged classes. It is shockingly prevalent in the middle, upper middle, and upper classes of most societies worldwide and more specifically for the purposes of this discussion within the Christian community where we prefer to hush, blush, or rush aside these topics in an effort to emulate decorum, propriety, higher moral ground, and projected perfectionism.

This book engages teens and parents in a much needed, often avoided, candid and honest dialogue about the complexities of sex in our lives. Making abortion understandable, though not permissible, amidst navigating projected perfectionism, keeping up appearances, shamed secrecy, and the undeniable emotional intimacies involved in choosing life for one’s unborn child. Ultimately, revealing the relentless redemption of our Saviour in all circumstances and our ever-apparent need for His unabashed grace to be poured over us.